Pointshop Help!

Hello, I’m trying to get Pointshop hats (custom)
I was wondering how I can do it, I watched a tutorial, it was too confusing.

I know how to do this part:

Item.Name = (watever)

But, mine whenever I try to do that, and when I installed the addon to my addon folder, it just gives me lua errors.

I cannot get Fox Warrior’s Resource Generator because I have a mac.
I use FragReady host.

Post your item code

Have you installed the content(materials, models, etc.) on both the client and server?

ITEM.Name = 'Example Hat'
ITEM.Price = 100
ITEM.Model = 'models/props_junk/watermelon01.mdl'
ITEM.Attachment = 'eyes'

function ITEM:OnEquip(ply, modifications)

function ITEM:OnHolster(ply)

And you have to put the file in:

No, I know that stuff.
Like this stuff:
ITEM.Name = (whatever)

I know that. I just need help with linking stuff…
I installed the addon to my server.

Please add me on Skype if you have one: nickthecat12

I will respond faster.

Should also have you to post the error output

I do not have a error at the moment. Can you please add me on Skype?

What exactly is the problem here?

I want to install my mothafucking teletubbies but I don’t know how that much…
I only know how to do this:
make the homemade .lua file
put addon in folder

We can’t help if we don’t have enough information to allow us to solve the issue

I want to get some Playermodels for my server, and I don’t really know how…
I need some help getting some for Pointshop.
Can you tell me Step by step how to do it? Or add me on Skype? nickthecat12


Long Paragraph incoming…

To start off you get a model from the workshop (your tubbies) using GMad Converter you extract them (tell me if you dont know how) you then get Fox-Warriors Resources Generator and Generate your files (pics included below) you would then want to go to File>Genarate lua file>Other formats> Pointshop model. after that is generated you wanna go back to File>Genarate lua file>Clipboard>AddFile after that go to you model file and click on Lua>autorun>_____.lua if you dont have on create on. you then wanna paste all the codes in there. Then hoping you have a workshop collection and have it all hooked up(tell me if you dont), you wanna then go to the workshop and go to your model that you subscribed to and get the id at the end of the url: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=119695326 the number after the =. then go to your server files(FTP or Website) and go to Lua>autorun>Server you will then want to crate a workshop.lua file unless you have one. Open that up then type resource.AddWorkshop(“Id Here”) and you wanna do that for ever workshop link for your models. Then close that you wanna go to addons now you wanna drag your tubbies folder in with all the Materials, Models, and lua folders after that you wanna go to pointshop>lua>items>playermodels and paste the .lua you created with the Fox-Warrior after that go back to your tubbies folder in the addons and make sure the .lua you put in the point shop is not there, if it is delete it. last part im not sure if everyone does this but i go to the tubbies folder and look at the materials>…>…> and you wanna follow that loction to where you last see a matching folder in your server files eg: materials>models>items> and your last folder is tubbies if you dont see a folder named tubbies in the server files then put it in that loction. you wanna do the same with the models. you should sync FastDL. tell me if you get any errors and ill try to help further

I cannot get Fox Warriors Resoruce Generator, I have mac.

sorry if its hats!

Fox-Warrior change the first file generate to File>Generate lua file>Other formats> Pointshop hat

and the addons point shop to


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well then how i used to do it before Fox-Warrior came out.

Make a .txt file

resource.AddFile( “materials/models/altaïr/1cfee455.vmt” )

copy that and change the "materials/models/yourmodel/yourmodel

if you want send me the link to your model. ill fox warrior it for you and send you the done files

I’m confused JewishZebra… If you have Skype… Can you add me on that? Then I could get a better understanding what you mean… Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

Skype: nickthecat12

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^^ Those models are npcs, they do not work!

No, they will not work if they are ragdolls. If they are npcs, then they have been boned correctly and will work as player models (because npcs are the same THING but with an AI)

Sorry that im wrong, i was told they didnt work

Tiny as everyone has said countless times, you will not get help if you don’t post the code you have (if you have any) post the errors you get, post the steps you are taking to try this. Also if you have a mac and cant use Fox’s resource generator then don’t be lazy and write the resource.addfile’s yourself. Try watching some videos and learning how to install them not following along what the person on the screen does you wont learn anything that way.

Uh no, it depends on whether or not the modeler has “included” the correct anims.