[Pointshop] How to add weapons to TTT server??

Well, I was looking on the internet for guides to add weapons into my TTT Server’s Pointshop but all guides I found told me to download the files into server machine. I want to add the weapons from workshop, is this possible? If it’s possible, someone can teach me please?

Download the workshop pack and then just create items with the weapon names from the workshop packs? Same as any other one of the many examples provided in the items/weapons/ folder.

If you want to add custom weapons to Pointshop, you’ll have to make them a valid SWEP as well by putting them in terrortown/entities/weapons.

If I want to add custom weapons I only may to putt it into server?? Downloads will be so slowly if I do it…

What? You don’t have to send anything to the client except models and materials.