Pointshop Items are Invisible

Hi there

So I have been struggling my ass of trying to find a solution to this and finally caved in and came here to ask support

All custom player models appear as invisible on my server and I have no idea why.

Here’s a screenshot:

I have checked the code a hundred times. I have even completely uninstalled Gmod and CSS and manually deleted both folders in my SteamApps/common folder and reinstalled.

Event stranger is that sometimes the model will appear blue (when equiped) or even green.

Any help will be greatly appreciated

Here are the files as they appear on my server: (exactly)

The player model might not be showing up in the shop because of a graphical glitch. Is it invisible in game as well or just in the shop? Also if it’s changing colours just put this in your server config. (garrysmod/cfg/server.cfg)

ttt_playercolor_mode 0

Also just quickly skimming over it. It looks like half of the files aren’t added to the resource.AddFile part. You may want to go through it and see what is missing, adding what is needed. It may be invisible because not everything is being downloaded. Try all of that and reply with what happened.

Hi Mortuus

Are you sure the files aren’t being added? I was pretty confident and I manually checked each folder.

I’ll do that again. THanks for the colour fix. I’ll add that right now.

As for the model, it’s invisible when selected as well. ie, the players are invisible that have the model “equiped”

Seems i was wrong, all the files are there. Have you checked your fastDL to see if they are being uploaded? I thought you needed to add them to lua/autorun. If they are being sent to fastDl and people are downloading them then i’m not sure what is wrong. If you just uploaded them to the fastDL they might still be uploading… If you give me your ip i’ll join and see what files i download and what I don’t.

Yes, I am downloading all the files and double checked my local and FastDL folders. They both have the same files and directory structure.

I just don’t understand why the damn model doesn’t want to work.