Pointshop/Model problem/Map(TTT)

1.Well, how do you get them to automatically download the models on the connection screen thing.
2.The models are also quite buggy. They sometimes don’t appear but it says its equipped they have to unequip and reequip.
3.Sometimes they appear blueish black etc.
4.I want to change the haste time, map cycle, map time cycle. Where do I locate the files/lua to change this?

5.It still shows i have 0 points, says I have more when I first join though… everyone else seems to be earning theirs just fine.

  1. I changed the name of the points to “angels” but at the top where it shows how many points you have. It just shows “0 Points” I want it to show “0 Angels”, where is the file to change it to this?<3
  1. resource.AddFile(“pathto stuff here”) for example.

  2. Possible pointshop bug

3.ttt_playercolor_mode 0 in server.cfg

  1. look through the TTT configs

  2. What?

  3. lua/sh_config.lua

  1. Thanks
  2. I guess
  3. Thanks
  4. I have but i found http://ttt.badking.net/config-and-commands/convars#TOC-Round-length
  5. Everyone else earns points and it shows they have ___points. But for me it shows I earn it but I have 0 Points. I’ve tried to Give etc

Re-install the pointshop.