pointshop models

Hi i recently got the pointshop by undefined i put the pointshop extra it came with alot of more hats.

Now i want to add models ( player models ) to the store.

Can someone give me a link to download them or how to create them thanks.

P.s: i know nothing about lua

I was having this same problem, it shows up in the store, but I cant buy it

Take a look at the example Kleiner item (playermodel replacement).

Simply change the model and name, or price if you want. And you’re done.

Where can i get these models that will actually work

I downloaded a model pack and it came up as errors in the store…

Because you have to force download it to you and other people.

Either add the models to your FastDL server, or create a lua file (example: skins.lua) inside your lua/autorun folder.

In the file add:

resource.AddFile( "models/modelfile.mdl" )
resource.AddFile( "materials/materialfile.vtx" )

Ensure you add all the files, so if there are 5 files in the models folder and 6 in the materials folder, you add each of them :smiley:

Also, replace the folder path and file name (models/blah/blah/model.mdl) to wherever yours are located!