Pointshop MySQL help

I got this error when I try to run the mysql:

[ERROR] addons/pointshop mysql/lua/providers/mysql.lua:39: number expected, got string

  1. connect - [C]:-1
  2. unknown - addons/pointshop mysql/lua/providers/mysql.lua:39
  3. include - [C]:-1
  4. LoadDataProviders - addons/pointshop/lua/sv_pointshop.lua:247
  5. Initialize - addons/pointshop/lua/sh_pointshop.lua:44
  6. unknown - addons/pointshop/lua/autorun/pointshop.lua:34

this what it says on line 39:
local db = mysqloo.connect(mysql_hostname, mysql_username, mysql_password, mysql_database, mysql_port)

Hi Haytaro,
It looks like its not connecting to the database. Try looking at the file you tell mysqloo to load the database…

I have never used mysqloo before so I’m not much help from here.

Regards Nipah

hmm ok, well I put the file in the gmod/lua/bin folder if that’s correct o.O