Pointshop MySQL not loading items

Ok so i’ve been trying to convert pointshop’s sv.db data to MySQL but for some reason items are not loading. Points do somehow. I’m out of ideas what to do… I’ve downloaded latest version of pointshop and pointshop MySQL. I’ve tried without importing anything and it was working fine but i have 5957 users saved and i don’t want to start all over.

Here’s an example of how 1 of 5957 lines look like:

INSERT INTO `pointshop_data` VALUES('231458500','163','{"buckethat":{"Equipped":true,"Modifiers":[]}"clockmask":{"Equipped":true,"Modifiers":[]}}');

Points and uniqueid are loading but not items…

Edit: I’ve copied both converted and new line created by pointshop MySQL and here it is:


This is the line that i converted from sv.db


This is the line that was created by pointshop MySQL

There’s no difference…
Is pointshop MySQL even reading items that are already on database when connecting for the first time? Or is he just deleting them and creating new ones?

2nd Edit:

Looks like converter i used didn’t add comma after each item that can be modified in pointshop (Trails and Player Model Skin Color) so it’s working as it should now. After hours of searching for missing commas…