Pointshop not working at all?

I unziped the pointshop-master folder and dropped the pointshop-master folder into the addons folder of my TTT server. It seems to not run at all, no errors or anything. Pressing f3 and f4 do nothing as well. Im not sure whats going on or why Pointshop or Pointshop2 will not work. Any Ideas? :v:

I actually just came here to post the same problem. I’ve had trouble adding pointshop to other servers, but I just made a TTT server and after installing PS, it does nothing when on the server.

It does not work on a sandbox server as well…

Ok I got it to work. Whenever you put the folder in your addons, don’t put the first “pointshop” folder in there. go into the first “pointshop” folder, then put the second “pointshop” folder into your addons folder. Then it will work.

My problem was I didnt restart the server, I just changed maps. Ill go kill myself now after wasting 3 hours. :suicide: