Pointshop NPC help

So I just need to create an NPC on darkrp that executes the pointshop when used and I followed this thread but when created it returns back through console

[ERROR] addons/shop_npc_example/lua/entities/npc_shop/cl_init.lua:19: function a
rguements expected near ‘)’

  1. unkown - addons/shop_npc_example/lua/entites/npc_shop/cl_init.lua:0

and this is whats in

[LUA]include(‘shared.lua’) – At this point the contents of shared.lua are ran on the client only.

function NPCShopMenu()

-- Small derma panel just for the example.
local pShop = vgui.Create('DFrame')
pShop:SetSize(334, 63)
pShop:SetPos(ScrW()*0.5, ScrH()*0.5)
pShop:SetTitle('Perk shop')

-- We can also do anything else the client can do, like using the chat!
chat.AddText(Color(255,255,128), "Merchant: ",Color(255,255,255), "Welcome to my shop, how can I help you?" )


usermessage.Hook(“ShopNPCUsed”,PS:ToggleMenu) --Hook to messages from the server so we know when to display the menu.[/LUA]

Send the full code of cl_init.lua in the [lua] tags please

You’re using: usermessage.Hook(“ShopNPCUsed”,PS:ToggleMenu)

When you use :, arguments / parenthesis ( ) are expected. You need to pass the reference of the function in, ie: PS.ToggleMenu