Pointshop Permissions and PAC Limitations

Hello, I was wondering would it be possible to set certain player models as a different rank in Pointshop and whether it would be possible to restrict certain ranks from using PAC, I know this is possible on Evolve, but I’m using ULX and would prefer to keep it that way I was just wondering whether this is possible because I know some m-bag will just spawn a pointy or large object and place it where his characters penis should be, creating humor for the best part of 5 seconds, anyway I digress any help would be great, thank you :slight_smile:

yes it is, and here’s an example

[lua]hook.Add(“PrePACConfigApply”, “pac_regulars_only”, function(ply, config)
if not ply:IsAdmin() then
return false, “Only admins can use pac!”

you have to change the if statement to whatever you want to check

is this working for pac3?