Pointshop Pets - Huge item previews

I was making a custom pointshop pet today and i noticed that in the pointshop menu, the pet’s preview model is so huge that it collides with the camera. I couldnt find any methods in the documentation, and i was thinking maybe a detour would work but i know nothing about them.

There isn’t an easy way to modify the camera angle since it’s all fixed. In the file that sets the camera position, you would have to detect the pet using an if statement, then just move around the angles.

I’ll be releasing my replacement DModelPanel in the very near future. It has useful camera controls ( including zoom, pan, etc ), allows unlimited attachments, and will always ensure the camera is at a good distance and pointing at the center of an object.

I know this isn’t a fix for right now, but it’s something to look forward to. Feel free to add me on Steam.