Pointshop Points Calculator

I recently converted to MySQL and took this as an advantage to have a fresh start on the Pointshop and remove things that I didn’t want in there. Now if one thing was hard work it’s probably refunding people. I got bored of using the calculator to figure out how many points a person had. So I got to work on a calculator to do most of this work for you. It isn’t the best since I did what I could with excel and basic HTML knowledge and put together this in a matter of hours:


It’s fairly self explanatory when you look at it, and you should be able to figure out what to do alone. It’s a pretty useless link if you can transfer the data from pdata to the MySQL site but that didn’t work for me so I’m here doing this!

Did you try this?

Yup, I converted it and uploaded it but an error occurred of some sort. It uploaded around 6000 records to the table and I have not idea why it didnt work. Anyhow, it shouldn’t matter too much now as I can just refund :slight_smile:

I would appreciate if you could share the code with me in that thread so I can have a look and improve my code. Even though you might not need it anymore, others do.

SQL query:

INSERT INTO pointshop_data

‘999342595’, ‘20’, ‘

MySQL said: Documentation

#1062 - Duplicate entry ‘999342595’ for key ‘PRIMARY’

That error is self-explanatory. It’s a duplicate of another entry, and should’ve been removed from the code.

It said that when I tried to put it in an empty table though

That’s because there is a duplicate of that field somewhere else in the code, and unique keys can not have a duplicate, which is why it’s called a “unique key”.