Pointshop Points for Taunting

Hey guys!

So I have a Prop Hunt server, and I’d like it to have a feature where a certain amount of points is given for each taunt that is taunted. So for one taunt the player could receive 15 points, then playing another taunt could give 5 points.

I lack a lot of skills in doing lua, so I may not understand everything you say!


with some math (clamp and an simple mult) and hook that into your taunt menu.

As said before, I can’t do lua particularly well, so I’m afraid this doesn’t help… sorry

No one will spoon feed it to you. We are here to give you tips on how to fix it yourself.

Then perhaps somebody could help me and guide me on how to use the hook to make it player specific?

wait a second. didn’t you asked the SAME Question 1 Month ago and got Spoonfeed, without saying thanks?


I’m sorry, I should have checked my earlier posts! Thank you for providing that code by the way, but I was unsure as to where to put it…

Again, I’m so sorry! I was looking at the titles of my posts and only saw “taunt menu”…