PointShop Question

I was wi seeing how much it would cost for someone to code a pointshop similar to Undefined’s pointshop but with a whole different design and the ability for MySQL to be used. Also for it to have logs. I just want to know what a reasonable price is.

Wrong section to ask for a Codeing job. Use this thread: facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1269027

I’m not asking for a coder. I am wondering how much a job like this would cost.

Depending on how cheap the coder is, between 20 and 60 bucks surely.

Is there a better range because the gap is quite big.

Just set your price and see who accepts. It’s really impossible to say because some coders take less money and might give worse results than better coders who requires more cash. Set your price to 30 and if nobody accepts then increase it.

Look for “PointShop MySQL Adapter by _Undefined”

That does not work one bit. It makes it so I cannot even set points or even earn points…