PointShop Question.

Okay, so I have been looking so long to find out how to have a thirdperson view in the pointshop, and when they buy it it puts them in thirdperson view, I have no idea where to even look now. I’ve tried so many other things, its not funny. If I can’t get any help here, I will just stop and deal with it ( hopefully that doesn’t happen though ).

I’m confused.
So you mean you want people to be able to buy ‘third person mode’ in the pointshop menu?

Yes, and it to also show thirdperson while playing. I have got a thirdperson in the shop, but it does noting.

ITEM.Name = “Third Person”
ITEM.Enabled = true
ITEM.Description = “Allows you to use Third person Camera.”
ITEM.Cost = 200
ITEM.Model = “models/weapons/w_toolgun.mdl”

ITEM.Functions = {
OnGive = function(ply, item)
item.Hooks.PlayerSpawn(ply, item)

OnTake = function(ply, item)
	ply:SetArmor(ply:Armor() - 100)


ITEM.Hooks = {
PlayerSpawn = function(ply, item)

But it does not do thirdperson.

Are you sure ‘ThirdPerson’ command is on your server?
Also use


ah, okay now I see :confused: