Pointshop Skin Detect

Well i have made perfect position for few TF2 items but it only fits well for Kleiner. And if i want for more skins i have to create more same items with perfect position for other skins. Is there a way so that pointshop item detects player skin and sets the given position for skin i’m wearing?

By skin you mean player model right

Yes. Like Alyx, Chell or Mossman.

You could try doing something like:

if ply:GetModel() == "modelpath.mdl" then
  --position code here for pointshop

Never really used pointshop so I couldn’t really say what the position arguments are.

You can do this either by using ITEM:ModifyClientsideModel (http://pointshop.burt0n.net/items/functions#modify-clientside-model) using an if as kpjVideo suggested, or use an addon with native support for this (for example pointshop 2 with a visual editor)

Ok i got it working via if ply:GetModel, thanks!

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And what about ITEM.Attachment? Some models don’t have ‘chest’ which i use for some of my items.
Can i just add new ITEM.Attachment under ply:GetModel?

My console is getting spammed with errors because some skins don’t use chest attachment…

Well i fixed console error spam with

if ply:GetModel() == "models/player/combine_super_soldier.mdl" and ply:PS_HasItemEquipped('winterscarf') then

But i still get one error.