Pointshop tab for specific classes only

So i want to make a tab for specific classes only. To be specific, & Donator tab. I know to go to the _category.lua but what is the code i put in that to male it only specific classes. The way I’m going to do this is by setting the player to Donator, & i want them to access the tab. As well as myself, & the Extreme Donator. Is there anyway i can do like

CATEGORY.allowgroup = {“Donator”, “Extreme Donator”,“Owner”}

But this didn’t work, could you guys fix it up for me, so i can do this, THANKS!

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I may have found it. It might actually be

CATEGORY.AllowedUserGroups = { “Donator”, “Extreme Donator”, “Owner” }

I cant test it now, but when i can, i will update this when i test!man what non stop browing through 20 pages in this site can get you answers XD

Read the documentation.

Where was this earlier? Lol, thanks man, i couldnt find this anywhere! Now how do i mark this as solved…