Pointshop Tab Movement

Hello, I’m working on a Pointshop Reskin with one of my buds and we can’t figure out how to change the DPropertySheet.
This is what we have so far.

We want it to be like this. Where it’s located on the left and the buttons are colored and have a different type of style instead of the old Derma Skin type.

If you have any idea how to do this please help!

Use a DPanelList for the left tabs

DIconLayout for the items

(Or you could try making a skin and making the dtabs invisible)??

How would one go about making a skin and making the dtabs invisible, sorry for nub question and bumping old thread, ty <3!

Panel:SetSkin and you can make a new skin by copying this:

and then you can change the colors and draw functions of all panels using that skin. I think the variable SKIN.colPropertySheet should allow you to change the alpha of the sheet to zero.

Thanks very much man! <3