Pointshop taunts/gestures help

I need some help with pointshop taunts/gestures what im looking for is a catagory in the pointshop menu that when you buy a gesture and equip it you press a certain button like q for example and it would do that animation, and there would be like a 1 minute or so delay on when you can do the gesture

oh and if it isn’t too much to ask is there anyway you can display a hud for the cooldown of the taunt/gesture


Are you asking us to make this for you?

I can’t imagine something like this would be very hard.

Take a look at the wiki pages for KeyPress and reading through http://wiki.garrysmod.com/page/Enums/ACT would probably help you out a bunch.

No not necessary i just want the code for the gestures, if its even possible

the codes are in the link Niandra provided above. Simply block people from doing gestures via console (pretty sure this is impossible actually) and make it so that when people press a specified key then they play one of the animations in that list.

Yes it’s possible. No, you’re not going to get someone to write that addon for you for free. something like custom animations along with integrated pointshop will run you at LEAST $30 on coderhire.

Edit:Herp durp I’m dumb.

They’re not custom, it’s the vanilla act commands.

The big problem is disabling their activation from console. Every gamemode I’ve tried that attempts to block it has failed.

Ah, I misread. I thought he wanted someone to make custom animation gestures for him, because they’re in pointshop.

I deserve all the “Dumb” I’m getting, I guess.

The question is why are you limiting something already in the game to people using the pointshop 99% of servers have.

I don’t see how considering it’s one gamemode hook expecting a true or false. Pretty sure the gamemodes you are mentioning never tried in the first place.

If I recall, TTT has these commands blocked. Possible idea would be to to take a look through the files and see if you can learn from it.

Also, to be honest, this might not entirely be a problem since I doubt the average Gmod user is aware on how to do this.