Pointshop unclickable

I am having an issue with my pointshop 1, that once opened, (f3) any tabs or “playermodels” or any other things purchasable, are unclickable. The game isn’t frozen (pointshop can be closed with f3 and people are still heard when they use voice chat) and it’s happening to others on my server.

It was working before (to my knowledge) and the only thing I have done since then, is add a few new player models in the pointshop.

I have tried researching online but haven’t found any relevant solutions.
Please let me know of any suggestions on how this could possibly be fixed, thanks ^-^

What it sounds like is that you have another invisible derma panel being drawn on top of the pointshop menu preventing you from clicking anything that you can see. I’d look for any addons that have a menu being called when you press F3 as well. I’d also suggest trying to remove the models you’ve added just to try and see if they are causing issues (I doubt it, but hey might as well try).

Will take a look now. Thank you so much, I’ll update how this goes