Pointshop VIP Items

Hi. I have a code here that should make it so when you are VIP or Admin give you custom pointshop items, but right now it wont work. Here is the code.

local meta=FindMetaTable("Player")
function meta:IsVIP() -- VIP system is small only for release. Edit as you desire
	return (table.HasValue(TTT.AllVIPs,self:SteamID())) or self:IsAdmin()

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ANd this pointshop is for TTT

-snipped non working link-

You need to stop asking us to fix code/write code for you and learn to code to code yourself or hire a coder.

You’ll have to post the thread link next time, you can’t post links to searches (It doesn’t work)


I tried to post the “view all started threads” link on his profile. Pretty much every thread he has made he requests that we either fix or add features to someone else’s code. I’ll snip my broken link.