[PointShop] Way To give players points for a kill?

I know this is possible, and i’ve seen the code before but have searched everywhere and cannot find it. If anyone could give me a link or post the code that would be amazing.

EX: A Runner Kills a Death and the runner is awarded with 25 points.

Beware: This is a rough draft, and untested code. Check to make sure the functions and syntax are proper!

function KillPoints (victim, weapon, killer)
     if killer:Team() == "Runner" then
add.Hook("PlayerDeath", "PointsToKiller", KillPoints)

if you want it to be non specific to team, then remove the entire “if” line, as well as one of the "end"s.

add.Hook… Seriously?

hook.Add( “DoPlayerDeath”, “Give Points”, function( vict, att, dmginfo )

if not (IsValid(att) and att:IsPlayer() and att:Team() != vict:Team()) then return end

att:PS_GivePoints( 5, "Nice job!" )

end )[/lua]

local amount = 0;
hook.Add( "PlayerDeath", "KillPoints", function( victim, weapon, killer)
    if( IsValid( killer ) and IsValid( victim ) ) then
        if( killer:IsPlayer() and victim:IsPlayer() ) then
            if ( killer:Team() == TEAM_RUNNER and victim:Team() == TEAM_DEATH ) then
                killer:PS_GivePoints( 50 );
                killer:PS_Notify("You have been given 50 points for kill death!");
            elseif ( killer:Team() == TEAM_DEATH and victim:Team() == TEAM_RUNNER ) then
                killer:PS_GivePoints( 70 );
                killer:PS_Notify("You have been given 70 points for kill runner!");
end )

killer:PS_GivePoints( you number );

how about a NPC reward version