Ok so i was going to add player models just for the admins and superadmin(me) how do i do this?

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Properties define how a category should look and behave.

Property: Name
Required: Yes
Description: The categories name used on the tab in the menu.

CATEGORY.Name = “Heads, Hats & Masks”

Property: Icon
Required: Yes
Description: The icon used for the tab in the menu.

CATEGORY.Icon = ‘emoticon_smile’

Property: AllowedEquipped
Required: No, defaults to -1
Description: The number of items from this category a player can have equipped at once.

CATEGORY.AllowedEquipped = 2

Property: AllowedUserGroups
Required: No
Description: Defines the member groups who can see this category.

CATEGORY.AllowedUserGroups = { “admin”, “vip” }


Function: CanPlayerSee
Arguments: ply (Player)
Realm: Client/Server
Required: No
Description: Called when adding tabs to the menu and when buying an item.

function CATEGORY:CanPlayerSee(ply)
return ply:IsAdmin()

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how would i set this up for A donator or admin

CATEGORY.AllowedUserGroups = { “admin”, “vip” } ?

ok i put a Skin in then it was sideways


I think that he’s trying to say that the model he uses has the same issue as the model in this post

Btw, Royal you need to make yourself alot more clear when making posts. Most of your posts are really hard to understand so put some more time and effort into your posts and it will make things a little easier for us to help you.

Also for the love of Garry (lolwotluv) use

 tags when posting code.