Hey, I hope no one minds but I’m kinda too lazy to figure out how the pointshop works and find a way to do this because it would be hard as I’m new to lua and it’s still kinda hard to work with another persons code.

So I was wondering if someone could make an example of how to make something enable/disable-able in the pointshop.

Like this?

Edit: Linked wrong video, fixed

That’s a BEAUTIFUL gamemode man, good job so far. But, like what? That had no pointshop thingy in it nor any enabling/disabling function :S

I want it to so if you right click an item it says enable if it’s disabled or disable if it is currently enabled. Then if it is enabled you’re using that model, if not it sets your model to default. (The default model is saved right before it changes it)

EDIT: lol np

Fuck sorry i linked the wrong video >.<, i feel like an idiot. Lemme fix the link

Exactly like that. :slight_smile:

I might have the code laying around on my old harddrive. let me check

Alright, thanks alot! And if not, could you give me an idea on how to do this, if you remember any way you did it.

Couldnt find it, guess i deleted it or its just lost in the 4 different harddrives ive used since i made it.

I basically modified the pointshop started by undefined. I added a Equip/UnEquip function. When you equip the hat/wtv is spawned on you, when you unequip it is removed. Then the color in the inventory is based on if you have it equipped or not. It really was quite simple, it was more of an experiment.

I have something similar still on my harddrive, rather than just changing colour I added a whole new tab for the equipped items. It worked last time I checked it fairly well. Add me on steam, I’ll send the two files I modified over.


hey i need too lol …can i get this one?

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Request sent

that point shot is like perfict for what i need could you send me the code?

I can remember that being the Pointshop by _Undefined

^ Late + It is…