Pointshop1 some user's items, point reset problem.

Sometimes some user’s point, items are gone. Become 0.
Pointshop date save type is .txt files in data/pointsthop folder
SteamID ‘STEAM_0_0_********.txt’ each users

(Pointshop1 provider ‘data’)

I think harddisk is too slow. So system can’t fine user’s information and create new file overwrite… is it correct?
If it’s correct then i’ll move server on SSD.

Or how to fix it.

You should really be using MySQL for saving that data.

How about using sv.db …? is it have problems too??

If the server was to crash suddenly the pointshop data could become corrupted.
Using MySQL is the best option, I don’t know how you host your server but if it’s with a company they should provide a database for you.

Ok. Thanks. I found free mysql hosting.