Pointshop1 - UniqueID Storage -> SteamID Storage

Hey, I want to change pointshop to log steamid’s instead of a randomly generated id’s, I found a thread where Matt himself posted how to do it but it seems to be outdated because line 91 is something completely different.
If anyone could tell me what I need to change to log steamid that would be great. Also should I change 'uniqueid` to BIGINT datatype as Matt says in the thread? http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1339398
Thanks in advance.

Replace UniqueID to SteamID64, and change the datatype in the database as instructed in that thread.

This honestly should be done in the pointshop itself at this point.

Also, keep in mind that changing this will reset every persons purchases and whatnot.

Yea I know it will reset everyone’s points, That has already happened since changing to ps1 from ps2.

How come on the thread Matt posted on only 1 line had to be changed but now numerous ones need to be changed? Also when I look up ‘uniqueid’ in those files there are much more than 7 occurrences.

yer don’t change all of them

just the ones in pointshop/mysql.lua at master · adamdburton/pointshop · GitHub and obviously the datatype to bigint

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ye and have all people lose their data and have incompatible data types

You can have a separate table for the steamid that would be used primarily for saving/loading, and if no data was found in it, read data from the old table and save it to the new one, deleting data from the old one.

Thanks, So just to clarify I change all 19 occurrences of ‘uniqueid’ to ‘SteamID64’ inside the mysql.lua file correct?

Or do I just need to change the case sensitive ‘UniqueID’ with the capital letters in it? In which case there are 7 of them.

EDIT: I just done it works perfectly thanks for your help gents it is greatly appreciated, For future reference of any people who are clueless like me and wish to do this you need to:

  1. Change all the case sensitive ‘UniqueID’ occurences to ‘SteamID64’ in the ‘pointshop-master/lua/pointshop/providers/mysql.lua’ lua file.
  2. Change the ‘uniqueid’ in your sql tables to ‘BIGINT’ datatype, You do not change any of the lowercase ‘uniqueid’ occurrences anywhere.