Pointshop2 Not opening

I have installed kamshak’s pointshop2 to my server but for some reason I cannot open it. I have tried the different “f#” keys and tried !shop. from what i can tell in the console there aren’t any errors regarding loading the addon. What can I do from here to fix?

Talk with Kamshak

His steam says to not add him for support reasons. Currently I am checking out pointshop2.com for a ticketing system

Um, scriptfodder has a ticket system by the way.

Do you think I can expect a response within the actual 72 hours? I have been told that no one answers the tickets for this script. I did submit one now though.

Creators can get banned for not answering tickets, so I’m sure they’ll answer sometime, and Kamshak usually responds quickly.

I never reply tickets, every read me file and store redirect them to my profile, it’s about how someone wants to supply support, i have kamshack in my steam friends, but he’s away