Pointshop2 playermodels ITEM NOT FOUND IN CACHE + glitchy points

I have PS2 running on my murder server and I love it. But, it is giving me a headache… it was working great and perfect until (seemingly suddenly) playermodels were no longer appearing to be working and when we would try to re-equip them the message “item file not found on cache” would appear.

This is my only server I have. I do not use mySQL because for some reason the pointshop wouldn’t open if I had that set to “true” in the libk even though my mySQL database settings were all correct (except maybe the port…I could not find out my port which might be why that didn’t work)

What can I do to fix my items/models? Can I just reset the pointshop? I submitted a ticket last night. Got a reply this morning asking if I have multiple servers running ps2, I sent two replies to that, and still have not heard from kamshak now 9 hours ago. Wondering if anyone here knows a good fix.

I am open to simply removing the PS2 and reinstalling it or doing the full reset offered in the management tab. I am very new and the players I do have coming on are awesome and very patient with my changes.

As for the points, my friend messaged me while I was asleep that she was getting continuous points. Apparently so much so that it seemed broken to her.

Dude stop asking about other people scripts here, we have no idea about his code, althought i own PS2 and i got SEVERAL headaches with it, i could solve it by myself after learning how it worked
But nobody here will drop you a file to fix that, that’s just dumb

I had serveral reports with the same problems, skins getting lost, cache shit blah blah, that makes me want to switch back to the good old Pointshop 1 (Because I hate pointshop 2 anyways… Its ugh) but the others want it, but tbh, I cba with fixing shit that should’ve been fixed by the owner of PS2.