Pointshop2 Restrict Weapons to TEAM_


I have Pointshop 2 bought from scriptfodder, and I am about to buy the weapons DLC but I would like to ask some questions and receive some help.

I am looking for only specific teams to be able to use the weapons when they have equipped them, for example: TEAM_HIDING can’t use weapons and if they have them equip in the Pointshop 2 menu, it does not equip when they spawn but when they change team to TEAM_SEEKING they spawn with the weapons they bought and equipped in the shop.



Ask the Developer of the script if you’re able to do this. I’m sure they’d help you do it if you couldn’t.

The developer kamskak has the worst support on his scripts, can’t even get a reply from him.

I’ve gotten good support from him. You were probably rude and forcing him to explain how or something. Also his name is spelt Kamshak, not kamskak.