Poison Ivy luring an Assassin + Bonus

An Ass-Assassin

Haven’t posed anything in awhile been editing stuff for my friend.


Nothing special just more editing stuff for me to do lol.

Yeah his finger on his right hand is missing so what :v:

Urbanator posed this i edited it.


Gotta play Batman again god dammit.

Dude, get that Big Daddy picture down! I’ve already made a thread!
It was a really good edit by the way! When you left, I couldn’t find any flaws with it, lol!

:expressionless: you didn’t say anything about making a thread about.

I hadn’t talked to you since you edited it. Besides, what are we, lovers? I don’t have to tell you everything :smiley:
Ah, thats an excellent replacement for the Big Daddy! Another fine edit.

Citizen facemaps look bad in the second picture.

Second picture is really nice although the posing is a little wonky on Alyx.

Apologies, just re-read thread.

Editing is nice.

Ah, think that was the camera angle more then anything.