Poison Lips

(might be resized)


A picture inspired by a song and a person I’ve met a year ago.

(clip not related)

God damn she is sexy…

Could have at least stamped out the stains. She looks like a femme fatale.

That look is like… Hummena hummena hummena.

I wouldn’t mind kissing those lips, even if it killed me.

I like the eyeliner but the lips seem a bit too thick for me.

Do want

Looks very nice.


think you could’ve cleaned up her vest a bit?

Beautiful lighting.

Why is everyone so hot for Zoey?

Because Rochelle is ugly.

The flame war shall begin!

Zoey doesn’t seem like a 70 years old whore from Brooklyn, Valve totally messed up the character design on Rochelle.

Oh god Joazzz, look what you’re making me do!

*“I wanna taste you but your lips are venomous poison.”
*Nice pic.

Was expecting Alice Cooper. I am disapoint.

Beautiful. I don’t mind the stains on her coat at all, I think they add texture to the picture if anything.

Because she is a female game hottie.
Every female game character have been subject to some form of worship, healthy and unhealthy. Even Zelda, (go figure).

At least it’s not anime where 12 year old looking boys and girls are considered sexy. Japan has a weird mindset in that regard.

Don’t forget the people who are under an illusion that Alyx has a “great personality”.

I noticed every single screenshot forum page has at least one thread featuring zoey

almost makes me wish valve stuck with the old model

I haven’t heard anyone complaining about the TF2 poses that have been overflowing the section lately.
Or “not another combine pose”. So why complain about Zoey? Model is good quality and a joy to pose.