Poke The Cop gamemode

OK im new to FP so if i did something wrong, tell me.

Anyway i once played a game called Poke The Angry Ogre on Warcraft 3 and loved it! The idea of the game was to get points by poking the ogre and not get smashed. The ogers speed rose the more you poke him. The players had 3 “spells” Poke, Stun(throw rock), and Panic (temp speed increse, but lose of points).

Then if you remeber the first chapter in Half life 2, the cops would chase you if you do things such as thow props at them, run into them (they shove you at first) or go somewhere your not ment to go.

So i was thinking if somone made a gamemode where you throw cans, suitcases, etc. at Metocops for points then you have to run away (your speed would be redused) so you have to throw more props or use a painc gun (lke above) or a stun gun(long cool down).The player would jump around benchs and props to get away from the cop once you have gotten him to chase you. The player gain points for throwing props that make contact (mabye a can thorwing swep) and if you get stuned you go to jail (the side lines) so you can watch the action.

I am not a good Lua scrpiter but can map a little Wuold glady do so.

Please help.

This could be fun, Add me on steam.
My ID is awatemonosan

Thanks have you scripted gamemodes before?

and to anyone else that wants to help my steam ID is “darknight1222” (yes I know sucks, its an old one i used to use)