Pokemon are raiding Goroh's Sushi Bar

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Made by me and a good friend of mine

You say pokemon as a singular and a plural.
Like fish.

I don’t know what the fuck is going on, but it looks nice so it is ok.

haha, what the heck

I was expecting shit.
I am surprised.


lol dem crazy pokemon

Expected absolute garbage, then saw the author.
Love it. Goroh with the broom just makes me laugh.

This is epic! nicely done mate.


First 151 forever.

Fuck the rest.

^^ Hellz yeah

This is really great, what models are those.

what a waste of rice

Where is that Psyduck from :psyboom:

Interesting and funny at the sametime.

:o they look like they’re from PokeSnap

From RTB’s Pokemon Pack

They all have alternative models with different expressions and you can change the eyes with the skin swticher. Overall some great ported models!

looks pretty good

Suddenly, Electrode used self-destruct.