Pokemon battle anyone?

Anyone up for a Pokemon battle? :v:


I wanted to add rocks and dirt coming up off the ground but wasn’t sure how to go about doing it. But I think the end result turned out great.

I think I’ll make a Pokemon Battle Megathread if people want to do it :v:

Much better than I expected.

The pokemon models still look like crap 3d though.
I think you made it kinda work though.

Glad people actually use tutorials :slight_smile: Nice work :wink: I could never get the forcefield bubble tut down.

I actually didn’t use a tutorial when I made that force field. It’s really not that hard.

I’ll probably forget how I did it though :v:

First pokémon pose I’ve ever remotely liked. Good job, man. Looks good.

This is actually pretty cool - was expecting something far more mediocre. Very cool shield effect.

Interesting, it’s not so easy to make awesome Pokemon poses like this.

Now that I look at it the shadow doesn’t match the lighting.

Edit: Ok updated shadow.

Isn’t there light coming from the orb? there has to be some hitting her/his head.

Not bad. Like the editing.

I like it alot, editing is good.

A lot better than the title had me expecting. Would have preferred to see one of the old original Pokemon though.

Yeah, the old pokemon ROCK!!!

i was expecting something shitty on construct with no AA
glad i was wrong,for once