Pokémon Battle Revolution - Blaziken and Sceptile models

Could these models possibly be made into a ragdoll please? The models that I am talking about can be seen in the following images:





We can get the textures, but not the models, no-one has yet to compitantly manage to extract anything model related from PBR (by compitantly I mean able to get anything easily enough that you could actually get a model you could rig without hours of work and the experience needed to t-pose something in an awkard position) :frowning:

Oh, well what about the Gamecube Pokémon games such as Pokémon XD? I believe they use the same models but with different textures, has anyone tried getting models from there or is it the same situation?

Same problem as far as I know.

We couldnt emulate the thing and use 3d ripper?

The emulator doesn’t have a DirectX 9 plugin that works properly.

Well if I remember correctly Blaziken has a trophy in Super Smash Bros. Brawl which uses the same model so the technique used to make Gmod models from SSBB trophies could be used to get his model. I don’t know about Sceptile though sadly.