Pokémon Burgundy - The First Chapter

I’m hoooooooome.

You might give this one a second to load.

53 panels without a ‘balls’ joke. You just don’t get that kind of quality anywhere else!
Models used in this comic - Keep up the good work

This is epic. I want to use a car battery next time I play now…

I’d lie if I’d say I wouldn’t like another issue.

Awesome, I want more.

Great “Battle Scene” at the end there.


This is pretty damn funny, as usual.

Keep up the good work.

I am now addicted to this comic. Even though nobody really knows if it’s a series.

Good job

Great work. Very creative.

That entire comic was full of win


what the jesus are you smoking?"

oh god I can’t stop laughing

That was actually a really good comic! :slight_smile:

This is a golden nugget in the comic section. I’ll keep my eye open for this.

Hehehe. Nice. I hope you’ll be continuing this.

lmfao at the car battery! great comic mate