Pokemon Comic Advice

Hello all!

I’ve been gone from here a long time, i think the last time i was on here, Gmod 9 was still the rage, but i could really use some advice and feedback

ive made a website for Computing, my teacher was even nice enough to dedicate server space for the whole class (of three students) and i really wanted to make some comics to sit on them

so i made 2 pokemon strips, and im really hoping for feedback, heres the link



I could kill everyone for this.

is that an “Its so bad i could go on a shooting spree” kinda kill or a “Id kill everyone if it got me more of these?” :confused:

Oki-ish just work on the posing and quality. Good idea, just not executed well.

Thanks, Posing’s always been a weak spot of mine, and i kinda rushed the frames a bit, probobly didnt help with the lighting in the enviroments

Gonna rework some ideas and implement them before i make any more :slight_smile:

Thanks again

I’m sorry, but that’s average at best.

Work on your layouts and posing. I’d suggest reading some real comics or Concerned (http://www.hlcomic.com/) for inspiration on how to edit. Keep it simple and clean.

Also, choose a different model, maybe one of these? http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=110215. Not because it’s the CT, but the suits have better physics. If you want me to reskin one for you, I’d happily do it. Just PM me and tell me what you want.

I found them to be rather good.

Editing wasn’t the best but i wouldn’t say that matters too much.

I’d say a 7/10 overall. Pretty good, could use a bit of touching up, keep at it.

My tip would be; try using a different subject. Pokemon isn’t exactly the highest level of intelligent entertainment, if you know what I mean. Other than that it’s pretty good, could use some tweaks here and there, but that comes with practice.

Thanks for all the feedback guys, i knew coming back here was the right move :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks, I’ve been needing a custom character model for a while, but i think ill hold on for now, i’ve got a place on a games design course and i was hoping to create my own skin at some point

Best i’ve made so far is a remodeled spartan, but it dosnt seem too appropriate for a Pokemon themed comic :stuck_out_tongue:

I just got in from a road trip to dudley, but the hour long drive back i whipped up a few storyboards, so im gonna work on a Decent frame layout, then boot up Gmod and practice on my posing, i hear the best method is to lower the physics if you agree

Ok then, good luck, I’ll be reading your comics soon, then.

Eh, they aren’t that bad, I expected a comic about someone starting a pokemon journey instead of random pokemon comics but still, they’re ok.

Haha, that could work, i wanted to just get into it with some random ideas i’ve had, but hopefully ill re-work it into a solid narrative :stuck_out_tongue:

Put another one up live this morning, properly framed, and worked alot harder on the posing :stuck_out_tongue:

Being Absolutely truthful, they aren’t really much better. Yes the editing and that is fine. Just the posing is, well, really unnatural.

It’s okay. The posing needs a lot of work but other than that they’re okay.

Drake, you know how their asses are sticking out?

Tuck them in.

Thanks for all the feedback guys :slight_smile:

Ill redo one of the previous comics when i get home (Probobly the mewtwo one) and focus Alot more on keeping the posing to a realistic standard, i dont know what it is, when i take the images, photoshop them and upload the comic it all seems fine, then when its all sorted i look back and think “Wow… thats not much of an improvement” :confused:

However, i look back at the comics on my old Deviant Art account and think “Wow, its a Major improvement on that at least!” :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks again, ill sort a new comic attempt soon c:

Nice to hear that, man. Glad I could help.

If you can’t make someone stand in a non akward way then try using an NPC, check “Keep ragdolls”, setting physics speed to 0, killing the NPC, freezing all of it’s bodyparts, reenabling physics and then move what you need to move.

I don’t remeber where did I got this idea (though, I DO remember it was from a post in facepunch).

Oh and if the model you want to pose doesn’t have an NPC then just switch the NPC model with the Model manipulator tool. (Thi will onl work with human-like ragdolls.)

This technique is Great, thanks so much for this!

It even counters the issue of “Ok, so the NPC is dead, how do i clean up this blood?” :stuck_out_tongue: Just paste the model on after! :smiley:

Will probobly post a new comic on here in a little while, already done a frame, may wait till after United Chelsea though