Pokémon Fire Red - WIP: World Replication

I’ve taken up replicating Pokémon Fire Red for nostalgic reasons - I only really played the original Red/Blue/Yellow but Fire Red does a great job of improving the looks/feel.


  • Take portions of the entire map 512p X 512p and stretch them to 2048p X 2048p to be used as “ground” textures (4x the pokemon world seems to be equivalent to the HL-Engine)

  • Take textures from buildings/objects/etc - make them tile and apply them to brush based 3D replications

  • Edit these “ground” textures: remove all buildings, weeds, flowers, trees, etc. and replace them with clean ground

  • Make better Models for more complex objects in 3DS

  • Finish the project


  • Find a way to seamlessly transition from building entrance to rooms (Seeing as Pokemon rooms are bigger than the building their in)


  • Actually create a stable and awesome mod from it with a dedicated team

Pallet Town

Things to fix:

  • Texture issue on the drop off to the water
  • Being able to see past the treeline while crouching

Things to fix:

  • Create a detail sprite for the tall grass

Route 1

Trying to work off implied height here… Should look okay when I have all the trees in…I hope.

(Also added a trigger_push when you jump from cliffs - weeee)

Also, I love comments, critique, questions, etc :slight_smile:

Looks awesome so far.

(Not making a joke about lack of pictures, he posted it in another thread.)

The mail box looks like you’re using a texture light for the white part. lights\white or something similar. You can edit lights.rad to make sure that doens’t happen.

Yeah - I just used that during a quick retexture…Ill be using my own textures so that shouldn’t be a problem :slight_smile: Thanks

I love old pokemon man! Well this isn’t super old, but it counts! Good luck

Make the long grass into displacement detail sprites, it’d look better. Or just brushes that you can walk through.

Thanks, I found a tutorial on Interlopers…I’ll definitely look into it :slight_smile:

Awesome, I remember someone said they were gonna remake some Pokemon maps but I don’t think we ever got an update on that

I remade pallet town using custom models, textures etc which you linked me, but I built a new PC and forgot to back everything up :frowning:

Ah, I remember now, that’d explain why that thread never got updated

yeha, it was looking great as well, I finished the path to Viridian City :frowning:

Some progress on Viridian…

  • Working on a way to make these mountains more mountainous…

But more importantly…I’m getting white lines between my floor brushes when there’s no white on the actual texture… any ideas?

I’m really liking the style you got here

I tried this a while ago for my WIP pokemon gamemode, I only finished pallet town and a little bit around it, this is what I had done:

http://dl.dropbox.com/u/32605179/pk_kanto0000.jpg[/t] [t]http://dl.dropbox.com/u/32605179/pk_kanto0001.jpg[/t] [t]http://dl.dropbox.com/u/32605179/pokemon0000.jpg

would you like the models and textures? I found them on here, but the links are dead now, I believe.

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(sorry for kinda stealing your thunder)

I really appreciate it but I’m interested in making the models on my own :slight_smile:

Looks awesome though, I’m impressed

Is anyone even aware of the map dm_lavender?

Holy cow, this looks awesome so far. Good luck finishing the entire map:v:

whattt this is sick. Im glad I choose fire red rather than the old pokemon though or else all my buildings would be the same, haha.

Here, I’ll upload it.

The original link was from MegaUpload but as you should know, it got removed.

Note: This map is creepy, the lavender tint I did myself. There are a few easter eggs. :smiley:


In case anyone wants them here’s some useful assets from another thread, Sphinxa was using them before to map but as said earlier in the thread his computer got replaced:

The thread: http://www.facepunch.com/threads/927268?highlight=pokemon%2C+textures

The assets: http://www.1337upload.net/files/pokemon_map_assets.zip

It apparently even has tall grass so that could be useful for the OP