Pokemon: Kanto Region (gm_pkmn_pallet_town)

I’ve been working on a map which re-creates the 2D Pokemon world in 3D. Partially inspired by Catman’s gm_azalea map, my map gm_pkmn_pallet_town aims to eventually include the entire Kanto region, starting with Pallet Town.

The map was available on Toybox for a couple days with just Pallet Town, but I have taken it down so I can upload an updated version. I’ve got a bit of a problem with managing files on Toybox, so Garry is going to look into it on Monday, and then I’ll upload the updated version.


  • Graphics from Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal
  • Music from Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow
  • Music changes when you enter a new area
  • Water for you to “surf” in
  • Ledges prevent you from walking up them but you can jump down them (just like in the games)

Locations Included

  • Pallet Town
  • Route 1 (North from Pallet Town, to Viridian City)
  • Route 21 (Water) (South from Pallet Town, to Cinnabar Island)
  • Under Construction: Cinnabar Island
  • Next Location: Viridian City

Screenshots - Click for larger size. Some screenshots taken in Hammer.

NPCs/entities shown for demonstration purposes - they are not part of the map.
Diglett entity by Aska, model by Fluxmage, not included with map.

gm_pkmn_pallet_town will be available on Toybox later this week. I’ll put a link here.

This map belongs to Darth Tealc (me). Pokemon, materials, music, original maps, and other related content belongs to Nintendo, Game Freak, and Creatures Inc.

If you have any suggestions/feedback/questions/etc, feel free to post them here.

Can you post the materials?

They’ll automatically download with the map on toybox. Or did you want them so you can use them in your own maps? (Which is fine with me)

The latter.

  • Materials for developers
    Some of them are already on the Toybox content system under /materials/pokemon-gsc/example.vtf, and when I add more, they’ll go there.


Thanks. :3:

This did not translate well into Source engine, Garrysmod, or even the third dimension.

I know it doesn’t look all that great (since it was designed as a 2D Gameboy game with limited pixels and limited colours), but this map isn’t supposed to look pretty or modern. Although I may re-skin it with modern HL2/CSS/Gmod textures and release that as an alternate version, some time in the future.

Where did you get the tileset? I’d like one for Pokemon Yellow.

Actually, I’m not sure if I should use ‘real’ textures and make it look modern, or if I should use sprite textures and keep it nostalgic. :raise:
Thoughts anyone?

can you get a screenshot with an info_player_start against a building so we can get a sense of scale?

You should consider texturing it the way Heart Gold and Sould Silver did. This looks fantastic either way though.

Thanks. I agree HG/SS textures would look good, but I’d have to get the raw flat originals and I don’t know how to do that. I don’t want to make it too “modern” though as I like the “retro” feel. But I think a modern version would be interesting so I may release an alternative version in the future that uses modern Gmod/CSS materials, so both a retro and modern version would be available.

I’m using this as a source - http://www.vgmaps.com/Atlas/GB-GBC/Pokemon-GSC-Kanto.png
You can probably get one for Yellow there too

What sort of map are you doing?

Good idea - http://img864.imageshack.us/img864/8285/46242638.th.png
The player in Pokemon was the same size as a 16x16px block, but in this I’ve made the block a little shorter than the player. The player can’t jump on/over standard blocks, but can crouch-jump.

I’m making a pallet town too. Only a little more detailed. If it takes off (doesn’t end up looking terrible) I’ll list you in the credits for the idea. :3:

Are you going to do the inside of the buildings as well? I think that would be pretty cool. I want to do the whole Kanto overworld, so I’m generally not doing insides.
I found a RBY Pallet Town map by the way - http://www.vgmaps.com/Atlas/GB-GBC/Pokemon-RBY-PalletTown.png
(It isn’t in colour though)

Yep. I’m doing the insides and everything, but I’m not sure if I should make it sprites or make it look modern.

You could do half of it modern and half retro. It might end up being horrible, but I think it could look really cool.

Oh god the memories! I’ll be watching progress on this.

Did you remove mipmaps and point sample those textures?

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(it stops pixel art from blurring and looking like shit)

I suggest that you add transparency to the rocks and signs.

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and the other various environmental obstacles.

I’ll look into adding transparency, or somehow making obstacle blocks look better. I’m not happy with how they look right now :confused:

I haven’t done that, but I’ll do that soon - thanks for the tip!