Pokemon Map Assets

I finished these awhile back for another engine, they’re based on the Fire Red and Leaf Green Pokemon games and I did plan on porting the map over but I haven’t really had the time.

Rather than letting the project go to waste though I thought I’d release the models and textures that are finished.

I’ve added shaders for the textures as well but they’re pretty basic

Here are some screens of the models and textures in another engine:





Download: http://www.filefront.com/16709407/pokemon_map_assets.zip

If you’re going to use these to make a map all I ask is for credit somewhere in the readme.

Wow. Funky. Cool!

thats awesome!

Oh man that’s kickass.

Artistic rating from me.

That is some seriously awesome work. :v:
I’d love to see that actually used in a project.

damn that’s cool… should be good to see what is done with these.

Wait, thats not source. What engine are the pictures from?

Id Tech 3, like I said in the original post I was going to port it all over but in the end I just got the models and textures over.

It’s 100% custom content. How could you tell?

At first I thought these were pokemon screenshots
Good show my dear boy!

Now I require pokemon models to make awesome stuff.

In the OP :v:

Oh yeah.


Someone please make a map out of these!

Those are awesome, Im gonna make a simple fort wars map with those :smiley:

awesome, i love this map

My children. They are yours when you want them

I want to play pokemon rp on it !

Cant get the water too work in game, it just spazzes out.

Yeah I threw the shaders together pretty quickly, they’re probably going to need some tweaking.

The doesnt seem to work, can anyone re upload these?