Pokemon Models (I supply .3ds of them, you ragdoll them)

Can anyone, if i supply them with a .3ds model of a pokemon and .bmp textures, make its into a ragdoll?

Heres a picture of Scyther, the first model i have ripped:


Ill Pm .3ds and bmps to whoever wants to give it a crack.

Gimme :smiley: (though .obj would be much more useful than .3ds but I think I can import them so np whatever ^^)

Edit: Yup checked can import .3ds, also we will still need a rigger as I can’t do it yet.

I hereby request mudkip

I think thats in Stadium 2 so i’m sure the OP can find it somewhere for you :slight_smile:

Edit: Bugger, just remebered Mudkip is a Ruby/Saphire Pokemon.

I request a Pichu please

Will you rig it if he rips it?

I will rig it if he supplys me the model and textures.

Of course. That’s the point of requesting models on FP, is it not?

Just making sure :slight_smile:


Any chance of you ripping them in better positions and with some level of smoothing?

Not me, i just export them. I have no idea on how to use 3ds max to any degree besides importing and exporting. Hopefully, the people i have sent them to can make them shine.

Better positions depend on what the pokemon is doing at the time i capture the model.

Can you send me that?

I tried to attach the textures to the Weezing and Scyther models but Milkshape only allows you to texture groups, which is a problem because the whole model is one group and the textures are in separate bits. Also when I viewed the .obj I exported of Weezing as a test the model was way off the centre point and increadibly tiny.

Hmmm, seems this isnt working.

I didnt like Milkshape. It was too fiddly for me, but i do quit easily

EDIT: Hooray for progress! I figured out how to texture in Max:


Can anyone tell me how to smooth? Then ill work on the models for someone to rig?

If you send me that one I could try and smooth it.

I also figured out how to smooth a bit, but ill send anyway:


The black centre of his eye wont show up, but its in the texture. Whys that?

Edit: Shit, i didnt save the Scyther with textures. Ill do that later.

If the iris is separate i’m sure we could figure out how to make it posable. Also i’d like em :smiley: (and magnimite I can do as it shouldn’t need moving parts, unless you want spinnable magnet limbs or something).

The iris isnt separate, the whole eye is one texture, but the iris simply wont show up.

And with sadness i declare Weezing untexturable. He is physically impossible for me to texture in Max. His eyes, and the little face on the side have problems, and i had to put him down :frowning:

Magnemite should be in your inbox shortly :slight_smile:

Shame about Weezing :frowning: Cool i’ll be ready when it comes :smiley: (I could always remove the eye dot and do it anyway)

Also have you looked at the main Pokemon thread, I’ve put up my idea for ordering the files better ^^