Pokemon Sandbox RPG

I’ve been coming up with tons of ideas for a multiplayer pokemon game in sandbox! jam packed with a large inner city wild area, lots of customization, and PVP battles. the entire game and “story” was built with sandbox in mind too, so i hope you guys like the ideas i give! I will post all that I’ve written here!
again, this is a major work in progress, so a lot of information will not be there yet haha!!
pokeland idea sheet|690x586

oh! and forgot to upload the mockup battle screen I made!

the UI will be independent PNGs that will move along with the pokemon but always face the camera!

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Interesting, I really hope something like this emerges in S&box, for Gmod Pokemon gamemodes never took off, always dying months after a new server opened.

I think one of the biggest reasons was due to their dumbasses advertising “600 pokemon!” with 590 of them just t-posing, and the other 10 which were animated were the only ones players would play.

That and the “moves” just being different sci-fi guns, like, no that’s not thunderbolt, that’s a futuristic tesla gun.


Pokemon gamemode on gmod? I never heard about that.

Indeed, that can be really fun to see, looking forward to see updates on this thread then :smiley:

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Yeah they were all scuffed “Pokemon RP”, with no goal in mind other than to roam the map as a T-Posing pokemon or being a trainer and kidnapping players with the Pokeball swep that has 100% catch rate, these kinds of servers would never see more than 10 concurrent players and die out in a couple of months, I think the one that lasted the longest was pichu fun park, you can even see their dead forums here.

Although you could get some fun if you played orthodoxically:

Of course, even as a team rocket grunt you wouldn’t be allowed to steal other people’s pokemon because of the rule that if a pokemon was already caught you couldn’t use a pokeball on them… so lazy, adding a rule instead of having it be a mechanic, no fun, this is why you see admins flocking to the rescue in the pic…

EDIT: Hah, you can even see the weapons pokemon would use to symulate “moves”, so lazy, didn’t even make them invisible so pokemon would just have rifles in their hands, or in their crotches I guess since they all T-Pose, ignore my level and money, a friend of mine was a super admin and he hated the server too.


Please … someone … can we add a sad button on this forum? :slightly_frowning_face:


holy fucking shit that looks so lifeless and awful, I’ve seen more life in minecraft pokemon.
and about the rocket grunt, we were actually planning on implementing some sort of purification process so you COULD capture NPCs pokemon, would be a fun way to include weird mons that aren’t from the reigon

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You know a gamemode is shit when the best fun you get from it is by playing it wrong.

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How did a Water type like Totodile lose over half HP against a fire type while being higher level and having dealt almost no damage?


idunno maybe he’s tired from eating all that gumbo. lol