Pokemon Stadium!

Got a major Pokemon craving lately. So after playing some Pokemon, and making a Pokemon related screenshot, I decided to make a map. It’s been a while since I’ve done any mapping but I still got the touch :3

Some of the stadium is based off the one in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.


The map is meant for Garry’s Mod but it’s being made in Team Fortress 2 because it has cartoon-y textures which is what I want.

The grass and the Pokemon logo are custom made.

I have a bit more done in Hammer but it’s all nodraw’d. Going to add some nice stadium seats and stuff.

looks great , im a sap for bright color textures :3:

I think I’m gonna need a master ball to catch that spy.

That Blissey is a SPY !

That looks pretty damn cool. :3

Once I get the thing finished I’ll probably edit them a bit to work with different Pokemon types.

Right now it’s just a normal stadium. I’ll probably just end up making a fire and water stadium.

Looking nice so far man :smile:

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Keep Up the work :smiley:

Update! :v:



Looks quite nice so far. Are you planning to add something else than the arena? like a lobby or something like that?

Not really. I might do it, but probably not.

It’s beautiful.

I will love you forever if it works great

As in for posing needs and gameplay needs :dance:

Would it be possible to have the standard gym battle/regular battle theme play on that map?

You mean adding music in right?

Yeah it’s very much possible. I thought about it. I’ll probably find something and make it a switchable button or something.

Cool :slight_smile:

Loving it!

Cool! So, by the looks of it it’s a Tf2 map. I’d assume it’s arena gamemode because it makes sense that way.

Can’t think of anything to add, so I’ll just say good luck.

The map is almost complete. I just have to make something and tweak the lighting and it should be done. It’s probably going to be done really late tonight/tomorrow and/or be released tonight/tomorrow.

Picture for progress:


Things to do:
-Add lighting to bottom areas
-Fix lighting in top areas
-Add details(?)
-Make “special gift”

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