Pokemon stadium

Yeah. Just an N64 ragdoll request. Doesn’t even need to be bodygrouped or anything hard like that if you don’t want.

Basically, I have honestly tried to do model ports from pokemon stadium (2) before but when I kept screwing up no matter how many times I tried to do it. So yeah.

Basically, all I’m interested in are two of the pokemon there. Nidoran male and female. For those who might not remember, they look like this.


They’re pretty much my two favourite pokeymans but I doubt they’re gonna be available anytime soon otherwise. Mostly since they’re not in either of the pokeparks or brawl so obviously there’s many, many other pokemon, that are in the games, that’ll get ported first (fair enough really) and even then there’s a long waiting list and such.

It’s also why I’m just asking for the N64 models, since they’re comparatively much easier to get ahold of (I imagine anyway). So yeah, it’d mean a lot if someone could do these… Just the plain ragdolls, don’t even need to bodygroup if you don’t want.

  1. Support 2. It’s PokeMON, not Pokeymans 3. thet have a crap load of pokemon ragdolls here: http://www.facepunch.com/threads/1093881

Well that was the thread I was referring to when I mentioned waiting lists…

Gotta say though, that avatar is just… amazing.

Why thank you :slight_smile:

Sorry for the bump again but I’ve done some of the work for the female Nidoran already.


Got the textures nice and fixed up and all. However, I know very little about rigging and even less about actually getting it to work, nor do I have money to spend for 3DS max.

If anyone’s kind enough to finish this up from where I left off, here’s all the files I have on it so far:

I’d seriously be happy with just this one alone.