Pokemon TCG Set


On a magical adventure I set out on to see if it was possible to streamline the development of hundreds of models, I ended up downloading hundreds of Pokemon scans and creating a complete set of the original cards for use in Garry’s Mod!

The various scripts I wrote (mostly php and batch files) basically rearranged folder structures, automatically generated vmt and QC files and finally ran all the QCs through studiomdl.exe. Also wrote a php script that listed all of the models so I could very easily put together a spawnlist.

Currently talking to a friend about putting together some kind of studio program to do all of this. Would require porting to a different language as uploading everything to a website to be processed by PHP is just crazy.

I have plans to download many of the newer cards and get them into GMod this evening as it really doesn’t take much time/effort now that the aforementioned scripts are in place. Friends are suggesting I make a TCG gamemode. Maybe.

Anyway! Without further ado, I present the original set of Pokemon Trading Cards!



Edit 7:20pm, 1/12/09 -

Reprint set! Includes Base 2 and Legendary packs


Ha! I remember collecting these so long ago.
Nice work! :smiley:

NOICE - Grabbin cards


Hope i get a holo/shiny in my first pack.

Does the rare cards shine like they do irl?

Unfortunately not. If anyone is up for editing the textures please go ahead!

Use phong for shiny cards. Also, they’re too thick: you wouldn’t be able to bend these if they were real!


Add this to the VMT file of the cards to make them shiny.

	"$phong" "1"
	"$phongexponent" 33
	"$phongboost"	"6"
	"$phongfresnelranges"	"[0.05 0.5 1]"

Thickness was on purpose. Just seems more “usable” in a 3d game that way.

As for the shininess, need to make masks first, otherwise the whole card goes shiny! I never really meant to spend a large amount of time on these. I’ll look into it sometime.