Pokemon's Team Rocket Ragdolls?

Just a (hopefully) simple request, is it possible to create, or has someone already created Pokemon’s Team Rocket ragdolls for Gmod?
(I remember one time some -one said there was a Jessie one, but was wiped away for all eternity)

LuigiMario made a Jessie awhile ago, but is deleted from Gmod.org and I don’t have the file anymore. There is a Meowth from Brawl that still is there.


Why don’t you learn to model yet?
About 900 of your posts are either requests,support, or arguing about how much you need a model.

because i have no proper software. and its expensive.

Wow have you even googled any software?

A lot if actually free, such as milkshape blender 3dsmax.
I would tell you much more but it’ll probably be like talking to a wall.

Like YourFriendJoe said, a lot of the proper software is actually free. For example, Blender is free by default and is a very reliable program (the layout is a bit confusing for the UI at times), and 3DS Max is free if you sign up as a student. Milkshape 3D is pretty much free as it is, but it can be a pain at times when it comes to making models.

I don’t know about you, but free doesn’t really seem that expensive. :v:

3Ds max is free if you say you’re a student.

You’re talking about 3DS max. I know because you frequently associate with the pokemon ragdoll thread.