Poker Night at the Inventory stuff

Could someone rip off these items?

  • Chips
  • Money
  • Cards
  • Table
  • Chairs


I would like to have characters ported from the background like Buster Blaster, Flint Paper, etc.

Or Super Bad and Tycho.

Hello I’m currently working on the inventory map. could someone if possible rip the sign, dumpster and lights?

Yes, somebody port things from Poker Night. As well as Strong Bad and Tycho. We NEED those two in gmod.

Yes, but I thought the Heavy in the game was better than the TF2 stock heavy…

Maybe the lighting is improved?

3D Ripper doesn’t work with this game

Fuck. Well, any other bright ideas guys? ttarg-whatever files are original Telltale Game files, i think there were ways to open em, if this even helps what i just said.

I did find an opener for those files but its old, so it only supports like 4 Telltale games

Figured. Supports Bone, some Sam and Max episodes and few others i don’t remember. Starting from scratch ain’t going to be easy. There must be some other way to open them…

I remembered someone from a thread like this said they managed to extract the files somehow. You should try asking him. I do believe his name was DrunkenGman or something.

Someone try and find this guy! But wait. The only one skilled enough to hex, edit and such, that i know, is jason and i dont know if he will do it or not

I can port too you know

Didnt know that. Good call. Still, searching for an ideal way to get them.


I like.

I was talking to Nexus_Elite last night and he said that 3D Ripper worked for him

Apparently 3D Ripper isn’t very friendly with 64 bit computers and works better with 32 bit

I hope he will release Poker things ASAP.

That explains my 64bit win7 ripping. Did you get the models, or will Nexus rig em?

Nexus told me he got a few things, I can’t recall what he said

Hmm…ask him about the progress. He might have rigged or done something else with them