Poker Night at the Inventory stuff

so you guys planning to recreate the poker night inventory map?

I made the layout for the map but I dropped the idea if anyone wants to take over pm me. It still needs a curved cieling textures and models.

Someone rang? I’ll get you guys the ripped models ASAP, but good luck, they’re pretty strange. The shader effect they use makes turning it into a normal model damn near impossible.

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Here’s the ripped files plus a file with just the characters, their stools, the table, and whatever is on it.

Holy shit. Jason get in here!!

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I’m not home right now but if the file is something like an OBJ, then I can do something with it when I get home

I think I can open the scene in Max, I’ll try it out later when I get home

Ok so the file posted works fine but its probably gonna take me a while, there is quite a handful of variations for some things and ripping is pain since there is so many files

Place your bets, gentlemen…

Uploaded with

Still need to work on these a little.

Nice job. And yes they do need a little rendering or so to speak.

I do say, great job with the rips

Wasn’t aware the Heavy’s chair was so wide

They look great. We’re definitely gonna have some nice posing with these.

This is the best I could do, so if anyone wants to fix them, feel free to do it:

Includes the four chairs, the poker table, Maps & Minions box,map and the dealer chip. Place on your materials & models folder.

Looks good. Is anyone working with the characters?

Model is the same, the game might just handle lighting differently.

cards model are done yet?


Excellent, I haven’t been able to get 3DRipper to work. Hope someone’s wanting a Tycho out there, I’ll get him done eventually along with Strong Bad.

…Should I ditch the outline?

Could someone make a cards?

Getting the cards from the file above would be extremely easy but having to find every damn card texture (Ace, king,queen,1,2,etc) makes it annoying

This is asking quite a bit but could you rip all the original reward items too?

Most importantly Tycho’s watch. The one in TF2 is only half-modelled which is screwing over our icon making friend Shugo.

Would it be possible for someone to rip the Poker Night map as well?

I don’t know much but it might be really hard to do that.