I don’t like the DOF, and the poses are unatural, is that smoking guy pickin’ his noise while smoking?.
Try to use some sort of an editing software, like the free on so called “Gimp”, to make DOF, because some close objects (like alyx to the right) looks kinda bit odd.

An advice, add a cinematic camera angle, it makes people satisfied easier:v:

Also Boobs and her creepy-ass smile.


seems creepy that the same guy is there twice

Gambling in a restaurant… Okay.

L_TC seems to be enjoying himself in that image.

I suggest you practice more on your posing and editing. The grey-suited guy is holding his cards wrong, the Kleiner reskin is in a really wonky standing position, the suited Male_02 in the back is in a pretty weird position, Alyx is really unfitting, and that purple suited bald guy with the massive goddamn grim just looks like he doesn’t fit in at all.

In addition, your blur is goddamn everywhere. It seems you’re applying the blur manually via a program like gimp or instead of using Super DoF in the ingame postprocessing menu. If it crashes when you use it, go to video options and turn off Multicore Rendering.

In addition, it’s best to get a better map or make a scenebuild. RP_Hometown doesn’t seem to support shadows from ragdolls and props, making it a bad choice for posing.

You’ll get there eventually, you just need to practice and improve.

Thanks for their opinions and tips! ;)!

Why does everyone have creepy rapist smiles?

NEVER use default faceposer presets. Work on your posing, look at some reference perhaps.