I have had a large interest in propkilling for a while now. I’ve gotten to the point where there aren’t many people who actually pose a threat to me in Darkrp. Whenever they do, they say that they were part of “Poki” and it made some insanely good propkillers. I’ve learned tactics from a few of them and I’ve gotten quite good at boosting and surfing.

Anyways, I was completely unaware of poki and now that I do know about it, it’s gone. Does anyone know if there will be a revival anytime soon?

[sp]Prop killing is stupid.[/sp] This is not the place to ask about specific groups. Take it up with them.

The group seems to be dead for the most part. I’d rather a large audience.

Also, prop killing is stupid subjectively. I don’t think it’s stupid, and I can find plenty of people that agree. How do you respond if I tell you whatever you do well in garry’s mod is stupid?

You’re acting as if prop killing takes any effort at all. You can’t “do well” at prop killing, so don’t compare it to something that actually takes a bit of knowledge and/or experience.

And yes it’s stupid. It’s stupid because it typically targets people who don’t consent to it You’re disrupting other peoples’ gameplay experience, which is stupid.

As of posting this, I have found the “revival” of poki.

MrWhite, it’s astounding how wrong you are. Find a DIX server if you’d like proof. It takes an immense amount of experience and skill to do it very well. There are massive differences between a random person tossing props around and someone who’s spent a lot of time developing tactics to better do it. If your claim is true that it takes no effort, you should have no trouble being an even match for experienced propkillers.

Here’s an example of “good” propkilling. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HiChwHaghsw

Anyone can spawn fling props dude.

Please take your autistic shit somewhere else. Prop killing is stupid as hell, and prop killers are stupid as hell. And anyone who partakes in such activities is either severely autistic or has the downs.

I think that Prop Killing should have its own gamemode. It does take plenty of skill. It’s just unfortunate that those skilled in prop manipulation usually do it in roleplaying servers.

Prop killers are nowhere near as pathetic as those who make fun of the less fortunate. For the greater good, stop all forms of communication immediately. Ignorance is contagious.

I’m glad you agree that prop killers are “less fortunate” than us. Poor them with their dehabilitating downs. We should execute them all for their own good.

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I’m just a little bit above sick of autism and Down’s and Asperger’s being used as insults.

Damn, I thought I was pretty good at throwing things since I can hit people halfway across flatgrass with the locker. But the way the guy does some of the stuff in that video, like using a sawblade to fly over someone and then letting go at exactly the right moment so that it falls on their head and kills them, or spawning a prop in such a way that it sticks through a wall and spazzes and kills people on the other side…clearly there’s still some things to learn.

Using that giant double door is some scrub shit, though. That disappointed me.



oh dear…